This wiki is for Dragon Age lovers. It doesn't matter if you're 13 upwards, because I personally don't think that dragon Age is an 18 considering that the first mass effect is a 12 and there's a damn sex scene.  It doesn't even matter if you prefer the books. But what does matter is the respect towards others, kindness, praise and other things. You are allowed to add comics as well if ytoiu feel confident enough. Good luck.

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No being selfish, mean, bullyish or anything evolved around it. If so, then I will have to ban you. If someone is being mean to you, just let me, or the admins know.

Just be wary that you might need a note to warn of any smut coming up if you're going to write smut due to the 'teenagers'. Like me.

Praise work as well as critize to help to improve, however, just take note that some members may be sensitive so be careful how you word something.

No swearing allowed unless it is badly needed in a story.


Dragon Age: Inquisotion is released in October, so pre-order now!!

Morrigan and Leliana are in Inquisition as well as Alistair!!!!!!! XD They may be as guest appearances however, unless something changes from here and then. Duh..duh..duhhhhh!! But I think Alistair is definitely a guest appearance due to being able to kill him. However, you can kill Leliana and Morrigan but they are obviously brought back to life.

Cullen may be a romance. The voice actor was asked if he was and the answer was yes.

The Fereldan Fanfiction contest starts next month depending on the members present.

Feel free to discuss the games whenever you want.